Project Management TemplatesHave you been tasked with creating a business case or project charter for your organization?

These two documents are integral to the creation of a thorough and effective project plan.

The business case provides the project justification and establishes the economic feasibility of the venture. The charter augments all of the analysis that was completed for the business case and gives your stakeholders and sponsor enough information to allow them to decide, definitively, whether to proceed with the project at hand.

But, you may be asking yourself, what, exactly, goes into these documents? How do they differ? What sorts of benefits do you record, and what kinds of risks? What do you include in an executive summary? How much detail should your estimates include?

The two documents contain a lot of information, although they can also be tailored to reflect the information that matters most to your organization. Our guides to creating a business case and a project charter provide step-by-step documentation of the typical aspects of each document. Sign up to access our templates now and get started today.

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